About us

Laboratory of Technological Processes (LPT) of Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology is a unique (polytechnic) unit operating for more than 30 years as an incubator of technology. LPT is a place where three areas of activity usually occurring separately are effectively combined: teaching, research (basic and applied) and transfer of technology to industry.

We specialize in comprehensive development of chemical technologies at all levels of readiness TRL (Technology Readiness Level). Before the implementation to the industry technologies are examined, tested and improved during research and production of pilot batches in our laboratories and prototype systems. Our knowledge and experience are transferred to students during workshops and practical tasks which complements and drives over the entire process to develop and test new ideas and technologies.


Probably the first Polish technology incubator started its activity in 1983. The Laboratory of Technological Processes began a difficult process involving the simultaneous:
Creation of the research team together with equipping and arranging empty laboratories and technological pilot plant. Education of students and the implementation of chemical technologies to industry.

Important milstones

1979         Commissioning of the building with technology plant

1983        The first practice and classes for students

1984         Development of the first technology implemented to production (DBTA)

1985         Establishment Processes Laboratory, the manager is Dr. Eng. Louis Synoradzki

1986         Start of collaboration with research units: Chemitechnikum FSU Jena, Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)

1987         Begining of postgraduate studies “Development and implementation of chemical technologies”

1990         Development and implementation in LPT pilot plant the technology of catalyst OC-1

1992         Development of the technology of tosyloglutamic acid (TGA)

1993         Commencement of teaching at specialty of light organic synthesis technology products

1993         Set up the lecture: Designing Processes and Laboratory Technology

1993         Launch of engineering studies

1994         Acquisition of the first additional funding for research from KBN (Barium-zinc stabilizers of PVC and acid dibenzoyltartaric)

2001         Begining of three-stage program of study. Publishing the first scrip: Design of technological processes

2000        Development of the technology and implementation in the LPT technology ONF-1 technology

2000        Signing an international cooperation agreements with Rhodia Chemicals (France) and Borghi (Italy)

2000        Development of technology for R-calcium pantothenate (100 tons / year), GZF “Polfa”

2010-13   Project BIOPOL: Technology of biodegradable polyesters using renewable raw materials

2013-17   Start of new research projects called LACMAN and CHIKADI


The essence of our technology incubator/incubator of technology is to fill a gap between scientific institutions and chemical industry, which still remains in Poland. LPT performs a difficult task which is the production/formation and improvement of technologies at all levels of readiness TRL, which then go directly from the University to manufacturing companies.

We strive for continuous development through mutual stimulation of basic and applied research. We observe the environment in order to identify the most beneficial areas of research in the field of chemistry for development of Polish economy and enterprises./We observe the environment in order to identify the most beneficial areas of research for development of Polish economy and enterprises in the field of chemistry.

We enable students to participate in the actual process of technology transfer. Experience gained during projects and workshops provides an opportunity to start working in chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry straight after graduation.

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