Our research is focused on the practical application of science and innovation in the area of ​​chemical technology, biotechnology and process engineering.
Our team is conducting projects  in new technologies and explores the fascinating organic chemical issues associated with them. This allows us to transfer technology to industrial partners and to initiate cooperation between academic institutions and widely understood chemical business.

Our main interest:

Transfer of technology from the laboratory to industrial practice. Production of pilot batches on an adequate scale to the level of maturity of the technology (Technology Rediness Level) .

Research and development in the field of chemical and biochemical technology. Design and optimization process using the methods of planning experiments (DOE). Studies on controling the chemical process at the molecular level.

Studies on pharmaceutical auxiliaries and chiral building blocks. Experimental production of derivatives of tartaric acid and glutamic acid.

Tests for lactide polymerisation. Optimization of the process, enlarging the scale and experimental production.

Research and development of anti-corrosion agents – products ONF -1 and ikorol.